Arla Foods

Steffen Juhl Andersen, Sr. Director, Arla IT Solutions, Arlafoods AMBA

“Dear Peer

I would like to thank you for your time at Arla. I have many positive words to say about you, although a brief statement will never fully describe what you have done – and meant – for Arla,

As the only external consultant You have been part of our management team. That is unheard of in Arla, but there is a good reason:

As a person, you are responsible and able to familiarize yourself with the company’s issues, challenges and opportunities. You are Professionally competent and very skilled at making a team work to its best.

Whether you are coaching team members, teams or members of my management team, you are able to provide new insights and create strong developments. 

In the difficult projects where Arla would like to have an internal person to handle a project responsibility, you have in several cases acted as such an internal Arla person. With such a role, there are high expectations and you have never failed. On the contrary, you have consistently delivered above commitment and expectations. I therefore give you my best recommendations

Thank you for your time Peer and all the best of luck in the future.”