Helle Bay, Senior Vice President, Vestas

Michael Libens has been chief project manager for Vestas’ implementation of one common global recruiting and onboarding platform.

The project has been key to optimizing and streamlining business processes and reducing cost in the recruitment process. The solution covers all recruitments for Vestas globally (47 countries), and is used by up to 3000 users, and by more than 45.000 candidates. More than 50 persons have been directly involved in the project.

As chief project manager Michael has managed all project teams and tasks, leading through several team-leads, as well as leading external IT suppliers and project managers. 

Michael has been a key factor in securing that the project is delivered in a very high quality, and in significantly less time and cost than the original business case and project plan forecasted.

In addition, Michael has a unique ability to create a high performance culture in the project, keeping a rapid pace, while still being able to maintaining focus on each individuals need for balance. As the project sponsor and steering committee chairman, I’ve had a very close co-operation with Michael. He always delivers open, honest and to-the-point situation reports, as well as well-defined solutions to issues and risks that needs to be managed. He is very skilled in managing the complexities, politics and large number of stakeholders, such a global project contains.

I can give Michael the best of my recommendations, as chief/senior project manager for large complex projects, that involves a mix of business transformation, change management and IT. It has been a great pleasure working with him, and I would at any time choose Michael as a project manager for a future project.”